Lola, her mum and her little brother ran away from their abusive father. Her mum’s not better than a big baby and Lola had to take care of everything. But when things got worse, she had to call for her aunty’s help. The problem is, her mum hates the aunt. Sad yet encouraging story. I […]

This is my first assignment as an editor. And wow…they gave me book 2 of His Dark Material Trilogy. One of the best fantasy book ever written! Lots of names and lots of places forced me to make a special note. And would you believe the poetry in every beginning of the chapters?!! Oh brother…poetry […]

Oh this one’s HARD!! OK, it’s a children’s book and the words are simple and the story is simple. But there are puns and play-words and jokes from the first page to the last! How can I translate the original jokes if it won’t fit in Indonesian at all? I practically rewrote this book!! I […]

Identical twins. Ruby and Garnet. Ruby is the dominant one. She always tell her sister what to do, what to say, what to like, what to hate. She makes Garnet hates their stepmom Rose. They’re unseparable. They’re always together. But when they both take exams for a scholarship they never thought that they will be […]

“Kira-Kira” means glittering in Japanese. Lynn Takeshima told her sister Katie that the world is full of things “kira-kira”: stars, blue sky, butterflies, even colored Kleenex! Katie loved her sister so much, she thought Lynn was the smartest person on earth. But then Lynn got sick. Katie had to face the bitter truth that her […]

It’s a story about a family who lived inside a single winter night repeatedly. They never see the sun, never knew how old they are, never did anything out of the daily pattern. Until something happened that can endangered their unchanging life, and Mercy Verga, the oldest of the Verga daughters, intended to find out […]

It’s a story about a Catholic family live in the days of Queen Elizabeth I, also known as the heretic Queen by the Catholics. Elizabeth Dyer has to struggle living under suspicions and hatred from her townsfolk, because of her family’s faith. She met Isabella, a green girl who lives in the woods, a girl […]

A story is like clockwork, after you wound it up, it will continue to work its way to the end. But this story is going to be out of control. The characters won’t be able to change their fates, even if they tried. It’s a matter of life and death. An evil clockmaker made a […]

When Harry’s sent to stay with his great-aunts at Lagg Hall, he thinks he’s in for a really dull time. But Auntie Florrie, Aunt Bridget and their elderly friends aren’t quite as Harry expects them to be… Aren’t they too old to be driving fast cars and climbing trees? And what exactly are the plans […]

Harry’s arch-enemy, Gestapo Lil, is back and out for revenge—thanks to Harry her slimy accomplice, Colonel ‘beastly’ Priestly is in jail—and Lil is suffering. When she discovers that crook Eddie Carver has stashed a fabulous treasure hoard somewhere in Britain, she’s desperate to get her greedy little paws on the loot. Gestapo Lil and her […]