Cat and the Stinkwater War

Kucing dan Perang Air Comberan? Har har. Nope. Stinkwater is a cat clan who was in war with the Cockleduster clan. Both clans were Plinkies (a Plinky is a domestic cat). This is a story about ten year old Cat (Catherine) Williams who found out she could turn into a ginger cat after she was given an alabaster stone by her father. It wasn’t an ordinary alabaster stone, it was the Temple Key of Pahnkh, the god cat of Ancient Egypt!

Cat found herself in the middle of a clan war between the Stinkwaters and the Cockledusters. Her own cat, Eric, was actually the General Nigmo Biffy, who led an army of heroic Cockledusters. Cat herself was given the title Captain Girlcat Verripritti, to help the Cockledusters regain their god: The Blessed Sardine, who had been stolen by the Stinkwaters.

This is a very funny story, which every cat lovers should have!


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