Heartwarming Mails

Receiving a fan mail is like opening an early birthday present. I usually find a little surprise in store. Most of them came from teenagers (seeing as my books are made for teens), but even lots of adults found time to write me. Some just said how much they liked my books. Some required me to make a series out of a book. Some asked when is The Bookaholic Club’s sequel going to come out. Some made suggestions and constructive criticisms. I embrace them all.

But the most heartwarming mails are those who said they got inspired to write after they read my books, especially those who love fantasy. And most of them said they want to read more books, so they asked me which ones I recommend. I’m always happy to recommend good books to people.

A few teenagers finally became my pen pals (or keyboard-pals? *grins*) and write to me almost every other day, telling me what books they’ve been reading, how much they like/dislike them, discussing them with passion. How I love it! Makes me glad that I can spread the reading-virus to people out there. Encouraging them to read more and more. If I can make any influence, however small, I’d be glad to anytime.

I always say that if you couldn’t travel all around the world, just read, and then you can see (in your mind) everything that you want to see without even have to get up from your chair. The magic of books, they can get you anywhere in the world, or even to the place where fairies and demons live in the land beyond our imaginations.


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