This is my first experience in translating a compilation of short stories by the most famous sci-fi/fantasy writers out there. There are 18 short stories by:

Neil Gaiman
Garth Nix
Mary Rosenblum
Kage baker
Eoin Colfer
Jane Yolen
Tad Williams
Patricia A. McKillip
Elizabeth Hand
Andy Duncan
Peter S. Beagle
nancy Kress
Jeffrey Ford
Tanith Lee
Terry Bisson
Terry Dowling
Gene Wolfe
Orson Scott Card

From a bizarre story of our own world to the wizards of other places, this compilation is a must for fantasy fans. Every story is unique and enjoyable.

The problem I had while translating this book was that I need to switch moods every time I started on the next story. Each writer had their own voice, their own style, their own color. I found it rather hard to change a writing style in so short a time. Usually I follow one author’s style in a whole book, lasted for about a month at least, and before I continue working on the next book (by a different author) I took a day or two to ‘erase’ one particular writing style from my head. But for this book I had to do it continually, non-stop, for a whole period of translating.

Well, at least it was enjoyable. Hopefully I can deliver each and every author’s own uniqueness.


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