A story is like clockwork, after you wound it up, it will continue to work its way to the end. But this story is going to be out of control. The characters won’t be able to change their fates, even if they tried. It’s a matter of life and death. An evil clockmaker made a […]

When Harry’s sent to stay with his great-aunts at Lagg Hall, he thinks he’s in for a really dull time. But Auntie Florrie, Aunt Bridget and their elderly friends aren’t quite as Harry expects them to be… Aren’t they too old to be driving fast cars and climbing trees? And what exactly are the plans […]

Harry’s arch-enemy, Gestapo Lil, is back and out for revenge—thanks to Harry her slimy accomplice, Colonel ‘beastly’ Priestly is in jail—and Lil is suffering. When she discovers that crook Eddie Carver has stashed a fabulous treasure hoard somewhere in Britain, she’s desperate to get her greedy little paws on the loot. Gestapo Lil and her […]

Kucing dan Perang Air Comberan? Har har. Nope. Stinkwater is a cat clan who was in war with the Cockleduster clan. Both clans were Plinkies (a Plinky is a domestic cat). This is a story about ten year old Cat (Catherine) Williams who found out she could turn into a ginger cat after she was […]

The Gradys are back. And so is their archenemy. When Dervish Grady accepted a job as an expert advisor for new a horror movie, the movie wasn’t the only thing horror about it. Grubbs dan Bill-E joined him on location only to found that they’re deep in bloody trouble. In a city called Slawter, hell […]

This is my first experience in translating a compilation of short stories by the most famous sci-fi/fantasy writers out there. There are 18 short stories by: Neil Gaiman Garth Nix Mary Rosenblum Kage baker Eoin Colfer Jane Yolen Tad Williams Patricia A. McKillip Elizabeth Hand Andy Duncan Peter S. Beagle nancy Kress Jeffrey Ford Tanith […]

Prince of Persia the movie will be released in May 2010. Disney will also include a junior novel based on the movie. I was given the task to translate it and the Indonesian version is scheduled to be released at the same time the movie will be played at theaters. The story is about a […]